If you keep your ears open and your mouth shut, a song will tell you what it needs. It’s learning to listen that makes a musician, and in his decades of experience playing with many artists and bands on several different instruments. Charlie Rose has kept his ears wide open to find the right sound, the right part, and has had the great privilege to contribute his playing to many projects in the studio and on stage.

Over the years, Rose has played a lot of things with a lot of people. Frequently called upon to fill the sonic spot no one else seems to be able to fill, Charlie has found a musical thread and woven it into the americana, bluegrass, folk, and rock and roll scenes. 

Starting as a student of the voice, piano, trombone, and guitar, he quickly picked up the bass, mandolin, and banjo during college playing music with friends while a student of geology in Lawrence, KS. Upon completing a science degree he set out to have a career in music, citing inspiration from a conversation with jazz guitarist John Scofield in which he relished his lack of a day job since the 70’s. 

Being from eastern KS and attracted to mountains is was only natural that Rose soon found himself at home on the front range of Colorado, chasing rainbows in the company of future to-be bandmates, Bonnie Paine, Bridget Law, and Dan “Dango” Rose of Elephant Revival. Charlie’s path, however, would take a few more loops before eventually reuniting with the pack of pachyderms, as he was quickly snapped up by Austin, TX legends the Asylum Street Spankers, with whom he learned the ropes of touring north America as a multi instrumentalist in a powerhouse acoustic band. 

Later, Rose found himself drawn to the vibrant music scene in the greater northeast region, and spent over a decade living in the Boston area playing music with a multitude of bands and artists. During this time he began playing pedal steel, which today is his primary instrument. Producer Zachariah Hickman began hiring Charlie for recording sessions and to play banjo in his dynamic bluegrass band, Barnstar! Which he is actively involved in to this day as they prepare to release a 3rd album. He has been a long standing adjunct member of The Mammals (Mike and Ruthy Band), and toured and recorded with Sarah Lee Guthrie and Johnny Irion, Johnathan Edwards, The Crooked Jades, Mark Erelli,    

In the fall of 2014, Charlie released his first solo album of original songs, Stowaways. Shortly thereafter Charlie was asked to join Elephant Revival and began performing with them in 2015, and was a contributing songwriter to the 2016 release, Petals, with the song ‘Sea Monster’. Rose made the move back to colorful Colorado to help unify and build ER’s momentum in 2017.

Though ER is on hiatus currently, Charlie is as active as ever recording, producing, writing, and performing with various bands across the country (and world). He is excited to release an album of songs in 2020 written and inspired by the poetry of his great-grandfather, Will Ferrell, who’s 1919 publication Poems in Oil and Other Verse resides in the Library of Congress. The Charlie Rose Band will be coming to a town near you soon!